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  • The Profroster: How to get sharp edges on cakes using The Profroster UK

    My quest for sharp edges on cakes has led me on a search for the best tool to achieve sharp edges on ganache cakes or buttercream cakes. I first spotted The Profroster a year ago on facebook and fell in love with it staright away. I was not convinced at first to spent that much …

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  • Royal Icing : How to pipe and paint a scroll design on cake tutorial

    I love piping so much even though I do not show this much in my work. Some modern cake decorators feel royal icing piping is out of fashion especially with the rise of silicone molds. These silicone molds can be so fiddly and work better with gum paste which can be very expensive. On the …

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  • SHARP EDGES TUTORIALS: How to cover a cake and cake board with fondant or sugarpaste

      Covering cakes with fondant is one of the essential basic steps in cake decorating. Whether you are a professional cake decorator or novice, trust me you are never too old to learn new tricks. In this tutorial, I will show you how I cover cakes and cake board with sugarpaste fondant and achieve a …

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  • Easy valentines day cupcake toppers tutorial

    Everyone is in a rush to buy the best romantic gift or romantic a getaway Why not surprise your loved ones with these cute romantic Valentine’s Day cupcakes. You can personalise these by writing their name and use their favourite colours. Learn how to make a simple edible ribbon rose and leaves cupcake topper, personalised …

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  • Swiss meringue buttercream recipe

        This buttercream is yummy, fluffy and silky. Not too sweet. I use this in most of my cakes and cupcakes. Tastes fabulous with vanilla sponge cakes and a thin layer of raspberry jam.  Can be flavored with chocolate, coffee, toffee or citrus to suit your taste.

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  • Buttercream Video

    How to cover a cake with Buttercream

    How to prepare a cake for fondant or buttercream decorating.

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  • Gravity Falls Cake Video

    How to make Gravity Falls Journal 3 cake

    Happy birthday to my handsome, intelligent son Victor., who is 9 years old today. My premature 800g birth weight baby has grown into big healthy boy. My miracle baby. My son loves #gravityfalls and we watch it’s together now #weirdmageddon #gravityfallscake he also loves his football #chealseafc so I made this for #gravityfallsjournalbook cake for …

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  • Handbag Cake Video

    Hand Bag Cake Tutorial

    The perfect cake for the lady who loves fashion and shopping

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  • Chocolate Cake Video

    Chocolate Cake Recipe

    This chocolate cake is by far the most fluffy, moist and light cake I have ever baked. This recipe will be perfect as a base for black forest cake. I personally serve this with Swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache.  

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  • Princess Tiara Cake Video

    Rainbow Tiara Crown Cake

    Made this cake for my lively and bubbly colourful Daughter Princess Chiamanda. She loves skittles and rainbows.

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  • Vanilla Sponge Cake

    Ingredients – 500g self-raising flour – 500g butter, at room temperature – 500g caster sugar – 500g eggs, cracked Method Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C / gas mark 4. Cream butter and caster sugar until fluffy. Alternate adding eggs and flour small at a time until fully mixed. Pour the mixture into 2 …

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